Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The End

This is the end, as I predicted a year ago.  Of course I created the circumstances for me to fulfill my own prophecy, just as God does.  Does this mean that I am God?  I don’t know, but one thing is for sure, and that is that this is the end.  Coincidentally, even though I knew nothing about it, a full lunar eclipse would occur, just as the winter solstice took place, on December 21, 2010.  So here it is the 100th blog entry, from when I began it a year ago.  My goal was 100 entries from which I would construct my novel.  I don’t have time right now, since I’m in the process of finishing up the 2 volume history of contemporary Christian music that I’ve been working on since 2008.  So this is my last blog entry.

I finished lunch a half hour ago, and it was dead, so I pulled into the VA hospital parking lot, to wait for a call.  I put my seat in the recline position, after pushing it back all the way and put my cap over my eyes, as I relaxed and closed my eyes, as a talk show on the radio droned in the background.

“When the earth’s population reached 1 Trillion, even the common man began to realize that there were too many people.  This marked a wave of fear that began to reverberate around the globe, until it found a home with the “World Wide Council For Humanities Survival” (“WWCFHS”)   After food shortages collapsed all the governments of the world and anarchy resulted.  The “WWCFHS” was founded to fill the vacuum that resulted, and it quickly found a solution to the problem.

First of all, there were too many of us for the planet to support, and at the rate of growth, as it was currently projected, the human race would become extinct because of overpopulation within 100 years, of painful starvation and last ditch wars, until everyone was either dead or back in the stone age.

The “WWCFHS” headed by Dr. Hentworth Drenoble proposed a plan that would cut the earth’s population by 50% within a 20 year period, and stabilize the economy.  First, a lottery was created, that used the existing world citizen ID #’s that everyone was issued at birth.  If your number was picked, you were contacted, and reported to the nearest airport by your home, within 24 hours to be transported free of charge to a staging area, where lottery winners were consolidated.  Then you would be transported to an undersea paradise created by engineers in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  However, in reality there was no paradise, but internment camps located in the Hawaiian Islands.  The internment camps were stage one of the “solution.”

Stage 2 of the “solution” included cannibalism.  The internment camps were in reality food processing plants, where lottery winners were processed.  Camps were set up where some semblance of normalcy existed and families and reproduction were encouraged.  The reason for this was to keep a store of food available, in case the lottery system failed at some point.

“Number 25 get the Lone Oak for Vic,” the voice on the radio announced.

I grabbed my microphone and told John the dispatcher that I got it, as I started my cab and wrote down the call.  Vic was a regular, that liked to get as close to falling down drunk every night as he could, without actually passing out.  Tonight was no exception, but experience taught cab drivers that patience could earn the driver a big tip.  Since cab drivers don’t get paid hourly, passengers that waste time can be a deficit, and Vic wasted a lot of time, from taking 15 to 20 minutes to finally come out from the bar, to another 10 minutes at his house, where he struggled to find his keys and wallet and finally exit the cab.  However, if the driver was patient and helped him to the door, the result could be anywhere from a $20.00 to $50.00 tip, on top of the fare.  After I got Vic to his door, he gave me $33.00 to cover the $8.60 fare.

My next passenger was a dancer, from Hard Candy, that was celebrating her birthday with her gambling addict boyfriend.  After she came out of the club she complained that she was celebrating her birthday by coming to the same place that she worked at to see the same naked girls that she saw every day at work.  After I told her happy birthday, she said that she wanted to go to Taco Bell, and then we would pick up her boyfriend, who was still gambling.  We crossed the bridge to West Salem and after she got her order we returned to the club where her boyfriend was waiting out front.

On the drive to their apartment located in West Salem, across the bridge, they argued and then made up.  They talked about praying for each other and the woman said that she prayed for the man regularly, while the man said that he prayed for himself, but appreciated her prayers anyway.  Finally he expressed gratitude for her prayers and they began to kiss as I pulled into the driveway of their apartment.  The guy paid me and gave me a $2.00 tip, as I drove off and turned on the radio.

“What are we going to do when the population exceeds the planet’s ability to support it?”  The voice on the radio asked.  “Resort to cannibalism, of course.  This has been the way ever since the dawn of man.  Primitive man used cannibalism as a necessary method of providing food, and it continues today in some aboriginal tribes.  In some cases it became part of their religious ritual, and eventually only became symbolic, as in the case of Christian communion, where believers eat the body and blood of Christ.  However, in the future, it will become a necessity for the survival of the human race.”