Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Drug addicted sex maniacs and taxi cab drivers.

            It's been three years since I quit driving a taxi cab in the beautiful "Cherry City" of Salem, Oregon. In that time, I've reflected on the nine years that I spent driving a taxi cab performing my duties as a bartender, creating rather than driving drunks. Sometimes some of my previous passengers come in and I'm briefly reminded of my previous occupation. People often ask me about the encounters that I had, as I drove thousands of passengers thousands of miles, over nearly a decade.

            One day during the summer I got a call to pick up someone at an apartment complex on the East side of Salem. When I arrived, I found a man in his mid forties, who got in my cab and told me that he wanted to go to Bob's Adult Books on State, West of Lancaster. After I wrote it down in my log and called dispatch to let them know that I picked up, we started driving. Before we got to the main exit there was a middle aged woman walking in shorts and a tank top. My passenger told me that she was the apartment manager and commented on how good she looked physically, at nearly 50 years of age.

"I'd fuck her in a minute," he said and then began to focus on her physical features. "Look at her tits are just pressing against that tank top, like they want to explode out of the fabric. She dresses like that to drive guys like me crazy. Look at the way those shorts fit her tight ass. I love the way that her ass cheeks extend out from her like that. Fuck it drives me nuts."

            I tried to change the subject a couple of times, but he always returned to his lust for the female body. It was a warm day so everyone was taking advantage of the chance to get some sun. Then we caught a light on the corner of Market and Lancaster and there was a group of high school girls waiting to cross the street. They were all wearing shorts or skin tight leotards and either tank tops or halter tops and they were all very attractive, so I knew that my passenger would comment. His eyes looked like they were ready to pop out of his head as he starred at them.

"Do you see that young twat?" He asked me, rhetorically and then proceeded to tell details of his lust that I didn't really want to hear about. "Look at the way that they stand there giggling like they don't know that every guy is checking them out. Look at that one with the jet black hair, her tits are too big for that halter top and her ass is barely covered by those shorts. God, look at how deep her ass is. I want to stick my tongue in her crack and lick her from her pubic mound to the crack above her anus."

            Fortunately the light turned green as we turned left, and I entered the stop and go flow heading down South Lancaster to State. I was concentrating on my driving, since the traffic was so heavy, hoping that I could find a break to get ahead, but I finally resolved myself to accept our predicament. A taxi driver can only make money if he can get to and from his destination quickly, but this was not going to be like that. Suddenly I looked over at my passenger and he was rubbing the back of his right hand on his nose and making deep inhaling sounds, when I realized he was snorting some kind of drug.

"Put that shit away if you want me to drive you another inch," I told him, as he willingly complied."

            While we were waiting for the light at Center Street, there were was a woman crossing the street that looked like she must be going to work at the strip club down the street, wearing high heels and a dress so short that her buttocks were exposed and a low cut top that nearly reached her navel without revealing her nipples. My passenger nearly went berserk and put his hand inside his pants when I warned him that there was a $40.00 cleaning feel for emitting any bodily fluids in the cab, if I had to clean it. With that warning he desisted from masturbating and we pulled  into Bob's Adult Books, where he paid me the $12.40 fare and gave me a $1.00 tip, to my surprise and asked for my number so he could call for me when he was done.

            As I drove off I remembered that when Bob's Adult Books was on Portland Road, back in 1998, that it was where driver number 14 picked up her passenger. Driver number 14 was the only driver ever murdered in the performance of her duty for Salem/Keizer Yellow Cab. She picked up her fare after she started her shift at 4:00 A.M., on a foggy Columbus Day and took him to Brooks, via Hwy 99, when he shot her in the head and killed her.

To Be Continued....